And so it begins…

Hey! You have just taken the fist step into knowing just a little bit more about me! That’s either really exciting or a little strange… never the less I welcome you here to browse at your leisure and read to your hearts content.

I will be posting on my recent work and writing about some brilliant local inspirations and fabulous indies here in Bath.

I really want to touch on how I have found trying to break into a really tough line of work, there’s so much that I want to share… and perhaps even rant about(I’ve been told I’m great at writing a jolly good rant). Being a illustrator is hard… like seriously hard, particularly if you like me are free-lance, holding down a full time job and full time relationship, its hard to find the time to know when you need to dedicate time to everyone around you, yourself and also your work, it can be hard to self motivate, there have been ample days when I know I have the work to do but my head is swelling with so many other things or ideas that I need to get out of the way. Now I know this isn’t everyone and most people are far better at managing their time and that’s great, but if you procrastinate you will know where I am coming from.

As I was saying learning how to manage my time and self motivate has been the hardest things to learn over the past few years that I have started to take my work seriously, But I just needed to say that it can be done, even with full time work under your belt or even if you have children, you can find that 5 or 10 minutes just to sit with a pen and paper and get sketching.

So come join me you amazing people! and get sketching, because yes being a free-lance illustrator is hard but its also really rewarding and so much fun, If you have the passion to draw then what are you waiting for? We can do it together!

  • Alex x